Scotland's WAGS jet off to Germany ahead of Euro 2024 (2024)

The Euros 2024 is set to kick off tonight with an exciting opener between Scotland and Germany, but the players are not the only ones getting tongues wagging.

While much fuss will be made of their football swagger, it appears all eyes will be on a rather different SWAG - the Scotland team's stunning wives and girlfriends as they jet off to Munich Football Arena.

The women – dubbed 'the SWAGs' – include Celtic defender Greg Taylor's wife Laura Scott, John McGinn's wife, social worker Sara McGinn, and midfielder Ryan Christie'sfiancée Georgie Bell.

And as Steve Clarke's side prepare to square off against the tournament hosts, their partners have taken to Instagram to preview their own build up to the crucial game.

Jack Hendry's model girlfriend Robyn Keen has already hit the friendly skies ahead of the big match.

The Euros 2024 is set to kick off tonight but all eyes are on the SWAGS as they settle in to Munich, Germany (pictured: Cam Reading in Munich ahead of the Euros 2024 opener)

SWAGS includeLaura MacFarlane (pictured centre right) who recently married Greg Taylor in a lavish ceremony in Ibiza earlier this month

Meanwhile Scott McTominay 's new flame Cam Reading has shared fun updates from the German capital and doesn't appear to be slowing down.

Elsewhere Greg Taylor's wife Laura MacFarlane has showed herself having a swell time in Munich with a group of pals.

Here, we reveal the SWAGS headed off to Germany to support their men ahead of Euros 2024!

Robyn Keen

Stunning model Robyn Keen, 25, is seven months pregnant, but that didn't stop her from travelling to Germany to supportCeltic player Jack Hendry

She posted the tail end of an aircraft, while tagging the location 'Munich, Germany', seemingly hinting that she had landed safely

Stunning model Robyn Keen, 25, is in a relationship with Celtic player Jack Hendry, 26, and the pair are currently expecting their first child together.

The clinical psychologist - who is seven months along - was eager to support her beau ahead of the big game, having revealed onInstagramthat she was 'ready to go'.

The stylish SWAG also shared an image of travel luggage that included a large Goyard handbag, a beige Rimowa suitcase and perhaps the most telling item of all - a navy blue jumper baring the Scotland team's official football logo.

A few hours later she posted the tail end of an aircraft, while tagging the location 'Munich, Germany', seemingly hinting that she had landed safely and was ready to join her man.

Cam Reading

Cam Reading has been datingScott McTominay since last year

The model headed out for a day out on the town and a spot of sightseeing

Cam enjoyed a dinner at the lush Matsuhisa Munich at Mandarin Oriental

Scott McTominay's fiancée Cam Reading, 26, appears to have had a more eventful time in Munich.

The model - who's been dating the Manchester United midfielder since last year -arrived in the country one day ago and has had a jam packed schedule ever since.

Her trip kicked off with chocolate-covered strawberries at Munich's Charles Hotel before a day out on the town and a spot of sightseeing with her sister.

Her Instagram page also revealed a sweet image of Cam beaming as she pointed to a Euro 2024 poster emblazoned with the words: 'Munich is united by football' - clearly happy to publicly support her man.

Later on in the evening, she headed to the elite Matsuhisa at Mandarin Oriental for a posh dinner of sushi and soup.

Laura MacFarlane

Greg and Laura Taylor are childhood sweethearts who recently tied the knot earlier this month

Laura showed that she was ready and keen to support her husband's team tonight

Greg Taylor married Laura, his childhood sweetheart earlier this month at a lavish ceremony in Ibiza. Undoubtedly the SWAG rushed to be by her new husband's side for yet another crucial moment in his life.

Thequalified nurse and University of Glasgow graduate has shared a series of Instagram stories from Munich, showing that she too like fellow wag Robyn was rearing to go.

Taking to her page, she posted a full length selfie captioned with the words: 'Ready to go', which she set alongside three Scotland flag emojis.

Later on she updated fans with a few more pictures, including what looked like a fun night out with pals.

Laura was beaming off of her recent Ibiza trip, where she tied the knot with Greg just two weeks ago.

The doting husband once revealed that Laura worked gruelling 12-hour days to treat patients during the Covid pandemic, of which he said he was 'proud' of her.

He added: 'To be with someone who works in the NHS puts everything else into perspective. 'I couldn't be more proud of her'.

Scotland's WAGS jet off to Germany ahead of Euro 2024 (2024)


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