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Deepwoken Mantra Modifiers: In this digital world, many virtual games exist to entertain the players, however, currently there is only one such game that is keeping the players on their toes.

The game, Deepwoken has grabbed the attention of the players as it is offering the experience of permadeath through its breathtaking magical spheres, namely mantras which are increasable with the help of sparks and mantra modifiers.

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What are Mantra Modifiers in Deepwoken

As the game itself has outlined magic as a special combating tool, mantras hold vital roles in empowering the player. Sometimes, depending on the circ*mstances, the mantras can be more powerful than the hand weapon itself.

The mantra modifiers can be found in chests and also by killing foes. So, knowing how to acquire these mantras and use them well, will be a plus point before playing the game.

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For a mantra, one can add only 3 modifiers and this includes the weaker version too, making 6 in total, with the number of uses, the Ether’s cost too will be increasing. There are various types of mantra modifiers, such as –

Crystal Lens: Having the power of extending mantras’ range, this is a very useful one among the manta modifiers and this modifier is usually found in chests and bandits (common drops).

Cloud Stone: This modifier can increase mantra both in shape and quantity and it can be obtained from the Eurasia region by the NPC bandit drops. And they are easily defeatable using the M1 combo and grip.

Stratus Stone: Usually found in the cave named Viper’s Jaw from the drops of creatures called Sharko, this mantra modifier is the updated form of Cloud Stone.

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One can go to the cave following this lead, first, go out of the town’s gate and take a left turn; then there will be a beach and an entry point with the mark of red grass and a tree of red leaves; now turn left twice, climb up the stairs and there you will find the way to the cave.

The other mantra modifiers are perfect lens, aeon logstone, eternal logstone, drift shard, rush shard, amnesic driftwood, glass stone, magnifying stone, and a vibrant gem. Here is a short description of them.

Perfect Lens: This is one of the most popular modifiers which is actually an updated version of Crystal Lens. It is not so difficult to get a Perfect Lens modifier. You can reach it using the bandit drops or chests.

Aeon Logstone: This is a unique modifier that enables mates’ effects to last for a long time. Aeon Logstone is considered to be a periodic drop that is obtained from the bandit drops in more down Etrea.

Eternal Logstone: This is another modifier among the modifiers’ list. It is basically the updated version of Aeon Logstone. But we have no knowledge about how we can get them.

Drift Shard: This modifier accomplishes an amazing job. The projectile mantras gain the ability to move faster by this Drift Shard modifier. We can get this from bandit drop all over Erisia.

Rush Shard: It is a mantra modifier which is basically the updated version of Drift Shard but how we get this is still unknown to all of us.

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Amnesiac Driftwood: We can get this modifier very easily and get it from the drops of human NPCs throughout Erisia. This modifier can erase all the modifiers that are subsisting on the mantra.

Glass Stone: The projectiles are made transparent through this mantra modifier. We can get a Glass Stone modifier from a blend of Cloud Stone and Crystal Lens after crafting them.

Magnifying Stone: The popular modifier Magnifying Stone is quite similar to the Glass Stone modifier. We do not know more about it. We can obtain a Magnifying Stone from the combination of a Stratus Stone and a perfect Lens.

Vibrant Gem: This modifier has the unique ability to enhance elemental effects. It makes a fire mantra hotter and gives ice more freezing capability.

What are Sparks in Deepwoken

The major difference between mantra modifiers and sparks is that modifiers are usable on every mantra but sparks will work only on certain mantras. The sparks are –

Round Spark: In the case of Ice Eruption, this modifier is a great one. It has the ability to turn an ice eruption’s area of effect into a circle.

Magnet Spark: This modifier can be used to all of these 4, flame blind, jolt grab (turns it into a teleporting attack), electric blade (added slash of teleporting can be seen at the end of the attack), and spark swap ( compatible with no noticeable effects)

Reversal Spark: As the name implies this one has the power of reversing the effect of the mantra (for instance, when used on the air force mantra, it will push targets instead of pulling).

Other sparks are blast spark, multiplying spark, spring spark, tornado spark, and haunting stone. They are described below:

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Blast Spark: Blast Spark goes with Lightning Clones and Shadow Gun. The mantras that are cordial get a volatile effect by it. Lightning Clones ( behind their death Blast Spark creates the Clones blast), Shadow Gun ( Blast Spark allows to boost the laser digit from 1 to 20), Flame Repulsion ( Blast Spark reaches with it whereas no clear outcome is known).

Multiplying Spark: It proceeds with Wind Gun and Shadow Gun. It tucks the hits. You can readily obtain it from bandit drops, chests, and Mudskippers.

Spring Spark: We do not know with which mantra this movie goes. It improves the effects of mobility activities, for example, increasing the altitude of the Flame Leap mantra.

Tornado Spark: It goes with Dark Blade Mantra. It creates the final slash a spinning invasion by counting a spin to the ending of the mantra. How we get it is still unknown to us.

Haunting Stone: We do not know with which modifier it goes and what can it do.

If you want to boost your invasion ability, and versatility and deliver your player an edge in the PVP environment of Deepwoken modifiers and sparks are the only way to do this. You have surely come to know about the modifiers and sparks very well. So play the game and enjoy.

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Deepwoken Mantra Modifiers & Sparks Guide - Gameinstants (2024)


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